Another Year Older


I recently celebrated my birthday. My wife asked me if I feel like I am 35. What does it feel like to be 35? Am I supposed to feel a little rundown? Is it supposed to take longer for me to recover from a night out? I do feel a little rundown (I could take a nap at will), but I attribute that to my rock-star lifestyle (I rarely go to bed before one), and the fact that it takes me longer to recover leaves me rundown, so I’m back at square one. It’s circular, like a carousel. It goes up and down, and around.

This past year was a pretty normal one for me and the missus. It was our first year of being married, but we had lived together for a bit so that was really nothing too new. The biggest life event this past year is that we moved from southeast, Virginia, to Long Island. A pretty big change, but I’m a chameleon. I can blend in wherever I go.

Even in a new locale I still do most of the things I’ve been doing for years. Working, gaming, and hanging out with friends. I’m sore if I work out (play Kinect), I’m tired when I go out late and get up early, and occasionally I get heartburn. Is this what it feels like to be 35? Then I guess I feel like I’m 35, but I still laugh at fart jokes.


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