Day Drinker


How do you write your first blog post? Having no experience, except for one college class, I am hard-pressed to write an introductory post. But I will try my best and hopefully this will be an amazing foray into the unknown. Both for you and for me.

If I had to choose a label I would probably label myself as a “Gamer.” There are many other things and activities that interest me, but “Gamer” is what comes to mind first. I have an Xbox 360 (the Star Wars version) and an Xbox One. I’m not here to say which console is the better, I just prefer the Xbox over other consoles and PC. My current Gamerscore is 58,395, which is why I chose to go with the Xbox One rather than the PS4 or Wii U. Gotta keep that score. I am currently on a 50-day achievement streak, having won over 250 achievements in 31 games. Like I said, I’ve recently got a lot of free time on my hands.

This blog will be a discussion of life as an adult gamer, achievements, with occasional comedy peppered in. I may get off topic sometimes. Don’t hate. One thing I’m going to do is Life Achievements. My wife gave me the idea when she was giving me a hard time about chasing the Gamerscore. They will have a corresponding Lifescore just like the Gamerscore. In fact, I have already unlocked one today:

 ImageHave an alcoholic beverage before noon

For me, drinking and gaming go hand-in-hand. Now, I don’t get rip roaring drunk every time I play (although I have) but I’ll have a beverage or two while exploring the vast wasteland out there. Does this make me an alcoholic? Maybe. Does it make me more fun to game with online? Definitely. So if we happen to game online together, just know that I am probably enjoying a tasty brew or cocktail.



  • Current Streak – 50 days
  • Longest Streak – 50 days (ongoing)
  • Achievements unlocked – 257
  • Games – 31
  • Gamerscore earned – 4,345
  • Lifescore earned – 10