Day 3 – Friends and Family


Day 3 – Friends and Family

After driving for fifteen hours, it was nice to sleep late. In Laramie, Jess and I stopped at a family friend’s house to rest up. They were so welcoming, and even though they were out of town, they still let us crash at their pad. The reason we stopped in Laramie was twofold. First, to see friends I haven’t seen in ten years or so. Second, to visit with my son.

Myself, Jess, and my son

Myself, Jess, and my son

At fourteen years old, my son is tall and skinny. Not skinny, lanky. Same as me when I was that age, or so my mom tells me. As big a nerd as I am, we talked video games, Star Wars and Lego. He is definitely my son.

As these things go, there is never enough time. After a couple pictures and hugs all around, Jess and I were back on our way into Laramie.

Graffiti from the ladies room at the Buckhorn. Classy

Graffiti from the ladies room at the Buckhorn. Classy

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around and seeing friends that I haven’t seen since college. We went to the Buckhorn Bar and reminisced about fun times and shenanigans. Had dinner at Lovejoy’s, surprised to still be recognized on sight after a decade or so. We even stopped in Centennial and said a quick, “Hi. Bye.” It was nice taking that trip down memory lane.

After dinner and drinks, Jess and I went back to our friend’s house to crash. After 24 hours of hard driving, it was nice to take a day and rest up.


A common sight in Wyoming

A common sight in Wyoming



  • Friends visited: 14
  • Drinks had: 22
  • Memories revisited: 58
  • Jokes at my expense: 6
  • Jokes at others’ expense: 0
  • Taxidermied animals seen: 74

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